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High blood pressure is the single biggest treatable cause of death world-wide. Despite this, many people are totally unaware that their blood pressure is raised, putting them at increased risk of a heart attack, stroke, heart and kidney damage. In order to raise awareness of this issue and encourage people to get their blood pressure checked, the International Society of Hypertension  and World Hypertension League has organised a world-wide initiative to get people to attend blood pressure measurement events during the month of May 2017. This has been called May Measurement Month or MMM17.

The aims of this initiative are, (1) to highlight public awareness about the importance of having your blood pressure measured, and, (2) to identify and reduce the blood pressures of individuals who require intervention according to current guidelines. 
In order to do this, the objectives are to measure as many blood pressures as possible in over 100 countries world-wide. If an individual is over 18yrs and has not had their blood pressure measured in the previous year they are eligible to attend a measurement centre. We want each of those people to leave us knowing what their blood pressure is and what they need to do next.

Wales has agreed to take part in this important initiative and during the month of May 2017, blood pressure measurements will be offered to the public at a variety of venues across Wales which will include amongst others supermarket car parks, bingo halls, pharmacies, shopping centres, universities and other public spaces. The Wales focussed initiative is fully supported by British Heart Foundation Cymru.


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